Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Running Essentials

Little did I know how much my life was gonna change when I started running back in March. Running is now one of my favorite things to do. I literally plan my weeks around it so that I can make sure to get it done. Instead of sleeping late on Saturdays, I am up early so I can get in a longer run. This Saturday was especially nice since the air was soooooo cool!!!! I am gonna love running this fall!

As I have developed into a runner, I have also developed a routine to accompany my running. Below are a 10 key essentials to my daily runs. I have to have these to make my run successful. Sometimes I have not had 1 of the things below and it sure made the run tough. I could not have made it 15 miles on Saturday without these key items! Check them out and add them to your running routine!

1. I think the first one is obvious. If you do not know why this is needed, consider yourself blessed!

2. I have one of these before every run. They give me a quick dose of carbs and protein!

3. Bananas are sooo good before a run. They give my just a little extra fuel. I especially like these on a race day. They got their own special blog last week.

4. When I first started running, I would throw on any old pair of socks and run out the door. Now, I am a little more choosy when I open the drawer. I like a tight fitting sock that doesn't slide too much. Socks can cause blisters just like the shoes. Make a wise decision!
5. These shoe got their own special blog too. Again, when I first started I wasn't that picky...Now, O yes... VERY PICKY! If you are serious about running. Get some good shoes!
6. How could you run without this?????? If you run without one, I need to know your secret. I am so nervous because mine is totally about to die!!!!

7. I keep a towel in my car for the moment I get done. I am usually just soaked, especially when running in the heat this summer. Believe it or not, I have been so wet and my body temp is so messed up right after the run, that I use the towel like a blanket sometimes to "get warm."

8. After running I have about a 15 minute stretching routine that I do. The image below does not show exactly what I do. It was the only image I could find. I stretch my calves, hamstrings, thighs, Achilles, groin, then do it all over again. I don't do a whole lot pre run. Its better to stretch a warm muscle than a cold one.
9. While I am running, I think about what I am gonna eat after I am done. The eating afterwards is probably my favorite part of running. Contrary to the popular opinion, just because you run does not give you free reign to eat whatever, but you can eat more than normal. The first thing I always want after a run is a big 'ole bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios. I have them for breakfast everyday, and I just crave them after a run.

10. I read on more than one running website about this last thing... Chocolate Milk... I LOVE IT!!! Turns out, it is a GREAT post run drink. Full of Carbs and good for bones! I chug a big glass full after every run. I get my chocolate fix everyday!!!!

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