Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Kashi Go Lean=Kashi Go Gross

Since I have been trying to eat healthy this past year I have tried lots of things. I have found lots of new treats that I love, and they have helped me on this journey. One line of food that I kept seeing and hearing about was Kashi. About a month ago I gave in to the Kashi craze and tried their "Go Lean" high protein cereal. It was the worst thing I have ever tried to stomach. It literally tasted like a box of horse food... No I have never had horse feed, but I have fed them and Kashi cereal tasted just like horse feed smells.

Last night for dinner I cooked the Kashi Roasted Veggie Pizza for dinner. I have had it in the freezer for months. It too was a huge disappointment! The crust was paper thin and no tomato sauce on it. I cooked it 5 minutes passed the recommended time and the crust just was a soggy mess. It was not filled with veggies like the picture showed either. I was very disappointed. I think the Kashi brand has received my last hard earned dollar.

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