Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Running Shoes

It seems like someone asks me at least once a day what kind of shoes I run in. When I first started I just used my plain 'ole New Balance tennis shoes. Then as I got more and more into it I realized that I needed a bit more cushion and moved to a pair of Asics. I kept running and running and realized that even those were not the best for me.

Finally, since I felt this running thing was not a fluke, I made the trip over to Greenville to a store called Run-In. The people there were so knowledgeable and recommended the shoe below, a Mizuno Wave Rider 13. It is a light weight shoe with great support and cushion. They made the recommendation based on the wear on my old shoes. If you go over there be sure to take your old ones.

I am very involved with these shoes. I cannot imagine running with anything else. I am already looking forward to my next pair in 500 miles.... 300 miles to go!

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