Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Johnnie-Lynn

Today is my sister Johnnie-Lynn's birthday. I can't believe it, but today she is turning 27. In my mind she is still like 10, but in many ways she is farther along in life than I am. She is married with 2 awesome little kiddos and is a fantastic mother and wife!

In honor of her birthday today I thought I would list 27 memories that she and I have. Some of them you might know, some of them you might not. If you have a moment, wish her Happy Birthday on my comment.

1. She was obsessed with her Cricket doll when she was little.
2. Her nickname was "princess." I hated that name!
3. Look at all that snow snow!!!
4. She once naired my under arm.
5. She once sold her old clothes door to door to make enough money to order a pizza for lunch.
6. I rescued her reindeer antlers in the middle of Highway 9.
7. The day her water broke.... NO BROTHER should experience that with his sister!!!
8. A mone chick uh!
9. Yo Trabajo!!!!!!!!
10. The night I pulled you out of the chair.
11. Remember when we ran out gas on the jet ski all the way near the bridge?
12. She is forever getting lost.... DIRECTIONALLY CHALLENGED!
13. Field Day birthday party hosted by brother!!!
14. She used to have Hippie Beads hanging in the door frame of her bedroom.
15. One of my college roomies, Ritchie had a big ole crush on her and sent her roses!!!
16. She used to cry when I would tickle her.
17. Once she got mad at me and threw the phone at me.
18. Hickey Forehead!
19. Remember when you climbed out the window of the trailer?
20. Christmas Eve night until LALA! What fun!!!!!!! I wish we were still little.
21. Christmas morning photos in the trash.
22. Laughing at mama.... TOO MANY TIMES TO COUNT!!!!!!!!!!!!
23. Yard Saleing.
24. 18 Rolls in a basket! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
25. OMG, I almost forgot.... WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR FEELINGS???????????????
26. Even after 27 years, she still calls me "brother".
27. She is an awesome wife, mom, and sister. I love her very much! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


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