Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Resting My Eyes

When I was little I spent a lot of time at my grandma Maudie's house. If you have been a blog reader for a while then you have heard about Maudie before. If you are new her and want to get caught up go here and check it out.

Maudie, like any elderly person, had many sayings and quotes that she said quite often that made me laugh every time I heard them.

She would often say, "You can't beat an old head." She would say that when she wanted me to listen to her wisdom. She knew her "old head" had all the answers... it usually did!

When she would answer the phone she would not say hello like the rest of the world. Instead, she would answer with, "Alright." I can still hear her saying this even though she has been gone for years. She would say it like... "alright, you got me on this thing, now what do you want?"

I loved to hear her talk about going to Georgia... She never said it like it was supposed to be. In her best old southern lady dialect she would say, "Georg-eeee."

When she wanted me to keep a secret she would always tell me to "put it in my pocket." That little saying came about because she was usually slipping me some money that the other grandkids were not getting and she would say, "put it in your pocket" so they would see it. Yes, I was her favorite. Mainly because I spent the most time there though...not that she didn't love the rest of them just as much.

The funniest thing that she used to say was right about 8 o'clock every night that I spent there, or at about 1 on Sunday after church. I would be just talking and talking to her about who knows what when I would notice her eyes closed. She would be snoring and just sawing logs. I would say her name and she would jerk herself awake and swear she wasn't sleeping, just "resting her eyes!" I would just laugh every time.

It still makes me laugh when I think about it today. Mainly because I finally get it. Sometimes when you are just plum tuckered out... You have to rest your eyes!

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