Monday, January 16, 2012

Happy Dance

Yesterday I went shopping with my sister. I was looking for some new jeans to wear for Friday jean day at school. The next 2 Fridays are jean days, and I only have one "nice pair" to wear. The others are like my bum around jeans. Make sense?

Anyway, I was going through the jeans on the sale rack first when I cam across a pair of 36x32... MY OLD SIZE! I held them up beside me and just could not believe that I used to be in that size before I started running and eating healthy. I was wearing 38's in some pants. I had a moment right there in Banana Republic. I must admit I did a little happy dance as I threw those down and dug around for a size 30. I know its been 2 years since I started losing the weight, but sometimes its like it all just started. It made my 10 mile run this morning worth it even more!!!

I realize that I have picked up some new readers from my Donors Choose and Twitter friends as of late so I thought I would give you a peek at the former me. These pics hardly do it justice, but they let you see what I was. These pics were from the summer of 2008. I started losing weight in November of '09 and lost 85 pounds by July of '10. It has been a healthy, active, difficult, wonderful journey!

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Cindy said...

So proud of you, Jed!