Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2011 Race Recap

Road Racing started becoming a hobby in 2010, but I guess you could say it became an obsession in 2011. In case you missed them, here is a look at the races I ran in this past year.

In March I completed my 1st full marathon(26.2 miles):
Georgia Publix Marathon. Time-3:29:12
It was VERY challenging. You can read more about it here.

After several weeks of recovery, I entered my first ever Mud Run in Greenville. Matt, Asheton, and Clint were my team members. We blazed through the course in about 42 minutes. IT WAS AWESOME!!!!

When school got out, I had one running goal: Break 20 minutes on a 5k. This race right here is where it happened. July 2nd, 2011 I ran a 5k (3.1miles) in 18:15 at Furman University.

2 days later on July 4th, I broke 20 again on this HILLY course in Columbus, NC

The 2nd week of school I headed up to Lake Lure on a FRIDAY evening after teaching all day to run in the Lake Lure Dam Run 10K (6.2miles). BY FAR, the HARDEST course I have ever run. HILLY is not the word!!!! Finish time 40 minutes even.

In celebration of my first race ever, I signed up to run the 2nd annual AMRBC Race For Missions at my church. This was the first 5k I ran back in March of 2010. This year my buddy, Andy Cockrell ran his first race ever. I was so proud of him! He deserves a shout out right here! I saw him out running on the Rail Trail with his family just yesterday. He was blazing a trail towards a 4 mile run! RUN ANDY RUN!!!!
BTW, I ran this 5k in 18:08 breaking my previous best!!!!

In November 2011 I ran my 2nd Full Marathon, the Savannah Rock and Roll. It was an incredible race. They have bands playing and rocking you through the race at every mile marker. It gave your something to look froward to through each mile. I was able to complete the race much faster than my first marathon. This one was over in 3hrs. 12 min. 53sec.

In 2010 when i started running, my best friend Matt and I decided that the Spartanburg Turkey Day 8k would become a tradition. This year we completed our 2nd one. 8k is 4.98 miles. This year I improved my time from 31 minutes to 28. It was a great run!

Overall I am ecstatic about my year of running, but this year, 2012, promises to be even better. I ran a 10 mile race called Hair of the Dog in Spartanburg on New Year's Day. I am running a full marathon at Myrtle Beach in February, Reedy River 10k in March, Cooper River Bridge Run March 31, and today I put my name in the lottery for the ING NYC Marathon in November. I CAN'T WAIT for this running year to unfold. It is going to be awesome!

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