Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Have You Ever?

Tonight at dinner we started this whole conversation of "Have you ever...? We laughed til we cried over some of these as we shared stories around the table and in the car ride on the way home. I decided some of them were just too good not to share. I would love to know.... Have you ever...

1. ...worn your shirt backwards all day and didn't know it?

2. ...laughed so hard you shot water out of your nose while sitting in a restaurant?

3. ...told the waitress it was your birthday just so you could get the free desert?

4. ...stood at the gas pump, nozzle in the tank, for 5 minutes, only to realize that you never started the pump?

5. ...tried to unlock your house with your car key remote?

6. ...sent the WRONG text to the WRONG person?

7. ...passed gas in public and tried to play it off as your shoe?

8. ...used a linen napkin or table cloth as a blanket in a cold restaurant?

9. ...pulled into a driveway to visit a family yard sale only to realize that the yard was just junky?

10. ...ignored a cell call in public only to realize that the person calling was standing nearby?

I hope some of these made you laugh as much as they did us last night. I hate to admit this publicly, but all of these really happened at some point to either me, Matt, or my good friend Kati. One of them happened last night and started this whole blog. There is a pic below that will give you a hint as to which one it was!

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