Thursday, January 5, 2012

Winter Came!

Winter has almost been nonexistent this year. It seems that the heat has not run at all. My gas bill is down and I am blowing all that money I am saving on running stuff that I don't need. I have worn shorts everyday to run, and my new electric blanket is looking at me with this sad, pitiful, neglected look! The last couple of days however winter has reminded us all that she/he/it (whichever gender you prefer to call the evil being) is here, present and accounted for, in spite of the warm temperatures.

I have seen many pics like this one below from various cold and Arctic regions. I have even seen sights like this one here in the deep south after a long cold spell. What I have never seen is a fountain freeze up as fast as this one. Monday afternoon I ran right by this fountain on my route. As I passed it, I thought to myself how nice it was. The water was shimmering in the sunlight and it was calling me to get a drink. I was somewhere around mile 9 when I saw it so I was ready to jump in!

Today, 2 days later, this is what I saw. I was shocked that it froze up so fast. I knew it was cold, but this is a moving fountain of water. It takes more than a mere 32 degrees to freeze up something like this! The water no longer shimmered and it definitely wasn't calling me. If anything, it was saying, "Get the heck inside. It's too cold to be out here!"

I guess that goes to show you how quickly things can change... It's good to know though, that soon the warmth will come, and all will be normal again... Yes, there is a lesson there. Hopefully, you will hear it and be encouraged!

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