Friday, January 6, 2012

Why Do Today...

What I can do tomorrow??? This is not normally a mantra of mine. In fact, most days I am wide open and get everything done because I hate procrastinating. Most of the time people who procrastinate annoy me to the point that I do not even like to be friends with them. I find that people who procrastinate suddenly turn their last minute, hurry up and get it done jobs into an emergency that I some how get sucked into helping them with. It bothers me. I don't like it! Yet here I sit tonight, blogging with a whole list of things on my mind that I should be doing. I should be...

1. Washing the dishes.

2. Putting all the junk mail in the recycle bin.

3. Putting the large cardboard box that my new trumpet case came in out in the trash.

4. Clipping my toenails.

5. Cutting the "box tops" off the Honey Nut Cheerios.

6. Washing my running clothes that are piled up in the bathroom.

7. Taking the tree down.

8. Foam rolling my right leg because it is a hot mess of knots right now after the week of running I have had.

9. Reading that stack of half read books beside my bed.

For some reason, this has become a bad (or good?) habit that is developing with me since I have been running. Running, ironically, has caused me to slow down, not worry, and realize that this whole list of stuff will be waiting on me tomorrow. So for now... I will indeed wait, and complete this list of chores TOMORROW!

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Johnnie-Lynn Crosby said...

Yay for BB! I hope I am not the procrastinator you are referring to b/c you often get sucked into my emergencies!