Saturday, May 14, 2011

Most Visited Blog

One of the features that Blogger offers to blog authors, is a way to track the traffic on your site. They give you information about what site lead readers to your blog, which post that got visited the most, what country or state your visitors are from, and how many page visits per day.

Out of all the blogs I have posted over the last 5 years, this blog about the change in my diet has been the most visited post of all. Guess you readers like to know what I am eating huh? I thought since that one was the most popular that I would show you what I ate today. I ran 13.1 miles today before lunch so all of the post workout food and lunch listed was right after my run. I was so hungry. Where you see whole wheat rotini, that was some pasta salad I made with fat free Italian. I am about to go eat some more. I am still hungry!

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