Thursday, December 2, 2010

25 Days of Christmas-2

A little over a week ago I blogged about spontaneous family nights. It was that night that my nieces came over and decorated my Christmas tree. It was one of those special nights that I will always remember. We had a great time and of course it wasn't planned. When you plan the gathering, it seems to always fall apart, the food burns, someone is sick, etc. Not that night. Everyone was in a great mood, the food was fantastic, and the memories were made.

At the end of the night I began to just sit and admire my tree. I quickly noticed that is wasn't all that great of a decorating job, but the little hands that did it worked so hard! I snapped a couple of pictures last night so you could see the great job they did.

This first pic shows 1 twig on 1 branch. Sophie did this one. She piled 6 ornaments all on that 1 twig. I wouldn't move them for the world. I think of her, and that night, every time I see that twig.
This pic show Taylor's contribution to the tree. After we were all done, they were playing with some of their toys I have in a basket. Taylor grabbed the Cat in the Hat and said, "Hey BB, this matches your tree just perfect!!!" She ran over to the tree and stuck him right in the middle. Of course, he is still there... not going anywhere.

My tree doesn't look like it always does this year, but there is no doubt that it looks the best it has ever looked. I can hardly wait to "not plan" a dinner next year so we can do it all again!!!

Merry Christmas!

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