Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Week of Thanks- Day 3

Today I am thankful for spontaneous, unplanned, moments with family. Not the big family dinners that are planned, the birthday parties, weddings, graduations, or things like that... The moments that just kind of happen... Where your family just kind of shows up on a plain old day and something special happens. I have had 2 of those with my nieces in the past month and they have been some of the most fun moments I have ever had with them.

1. Back on Halloween was a prime example of this kind of moment. Our family did Trunk or Treat together the day before Halloween this year. I just assumed that was our Halloween family fun. It was a great time! So on Sunday, the actual day of Halloween, I was not expecting anything out or the ordinary. I had some candy just in case I had a trick-or-treater stop by... I am so glad I had it because 2 of the cutest little fairies and witches I have ever seen came by. I was so excited to see them. They were so excited to be at BB's that they decided they wanted to sit on the porch and give out candy with me. This was the first time since I have been a grown up that I got to hand out candy, and I got to do it with my two favorite nieces...and it was all unplanned... A spontaneous moment with family that I will always remember.

2. The 2nd moment happened just last night. Matt makes great ribs. My family loves them so he called everyone on Thursday and asked them to come over for dinner Friday night. Of course they were eager to get to the ribs so they all agreed. I guess that part was planned, although it wasn't planned til the last minute. The spontaneous part came when Taylor and Sophie arrived and got so excited that I had my Christmas tree up. I didn't have any decorations on it, but it was all lit up when they got there. The first thing Taylor asked was if I had ornaments to put on?

Of course I had them, but they were still in the attic. I had originally decided to leave all that stuff in the attic until after they left because I didn't want all the people and all the mess every where in the house. My patience does have limits. But, when she asked in her sweet 7 year old way about the ornaments I could not resist. Taylor, Sophie, and I all went right into the attic and got everything we needed to decorate the tree. Right after dinner, I turned on the chipmunks, and some Bing Crosby, and voila.... the tree was decorated, we had a GREAT family time doing it, and it was all spontaneous! The best part, Matt and my brother-in-law Lawrence got in the festive mood and put all the lights on the bushed outside!!! What a great night.

I am so thankful for those spontaneous moments with family!

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Cindy said...

You are such a good BB! Love your family stories!