Friday, November 19, 2010

A Week of Thanks- Day 2

Today I am thankful for relaxation!!!!

I don't mean sleep or naps, but the kind of rest you get when you have no where to be, nothing to do, and no immediate responsibility. Isn't it great??

I am having that kind of moment even now as I type. My mom and sister are coming over for dinner, but someone else is cooking it. The house is clean so I don't need to tidy up. I might just take a nap when I am done blogging. Can you hear me say ahhhhhhhhhhh????

Here are just a few things I find that aide in my relaxing...

1. bedroom shoes... I LOVE THEM!!!!! I have 2 pair, but would love about 10 pairs!

2. Southern Living... I love to read this magazine... I know, I'm weird...but it is calming for me to just sit and read it. I think it reminds me of Grandma's when I was little.

3. Blogging... Believe it or not this is very therapeutic for me. I don't really care if anyone is reading. Many days I go back and reread what I typed just to be reflective.

4. Christmas Tree... Yep, it's only 4:00 pm and my tree is lit. It is making the house so calm.

5. Jazz.. I am a huge Jazz fan. I love some mellow Chris Botti to chill with. I think I need some now. I play it for the first 30 minutes of school every day. I started the Christmas Jazz music this week and the kids loved it.

This has been a long week and the rest and relaxation that I am experiencing right now is just what the body needed. I am soooo thankful!!!

Oh, did I mention that Friday is rest day on my running schedule too? So that is one more thing I don't have to worry about that today either. Don't worry, I am still thankful for my legs... I am thankful that my legs are getting a break today though ;0)

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