Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Week of Thanks- Day 1

I am so blessed that I cannot even begin to write it all on this blog. The Lord has been so good to me I just don't even know where to start, but over the next week leading to Thanksgiving I am going to be blogging about just a few things I am thankful for. Feel free to leave a message of something that you are thankful for and share in a week of thanks with me.

Today I very thankful for my legs. I know that might seem like a silly thing to start off a week of thanks with, but today that's what is on my mind.

I am thankful for my legs because they get me from place to place... I never mind parking far away at the store.. I just consider it exercise.

They help me to teach. Of course I could teach without them, but it sure would be hard. I admire people who have lost limbs and continue on doing their passion. I could only hope I would be that strong.

For the past year my legs have helped me to achieve things in my life that I never thought possible...Who would have thought that at this time last year, that in just one year's time I would be running 10 miles a day and training for a full marathon?

All that said... Now you know why I chose them to be on my list for this week of thanks!

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