Thursday, April 26, 2012

Stats About The NYC Marathon

As I was searching page after page about the NYC Marathon yesterday after I received my official "I'm In" email, I ran across a page of interesting stats about the race. Check these out.
  • 2, 328 Portable toilets
  • Dunkin Donuts serves to the runners 563 pounds of coffee in approximately 45,000 cups. 
  • Poland Springs provides 93,600 eight-ounce bottles of water at the race start as well as 62,370 gallons of water along the course and bottles in the recovery bags at the finish.
  • The Department of Sanitation collects 114.29 tons of litter, 6.34 tons of paper and 3 tons of metal, glass and plastic after the marathon. 
  • The department deploys 173 uniformed sanitation workers as well as 20 supervisors to operate 39 collection trucks, 441 mechanical brooms, seven dump trucks, 21 push brooms and back pack blowers among others to clean up the refuse from the race.
  • At least 2 million and upwards of 2.5 million spectators will line the course and cheer the marathon participants.
  • 10,000 volunteers will assist the NYRR during the NYC Marathon.
  • 33,000 Bagels
  • 40,000 Garbage Bags
  • 16,000 pounds of clothing are discarded by the runners and donated to charity
  • 52,000 PowerBars are distributed at mile 18
  • 132 bands that play during NYC Marathon
  • 72 UPS trucks transport the runner baggage from Staten Island to Central Park
  • Brightroom Photography, the official NYC Marathon photographer, takes 50,000 photos of the runners
I am so excited to see every single part!!!!!

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