Saturday, April 28, 2012

Backstage Pass

Sometimes my Macbook Pro sits and stares at me for hours with the screen looking back at me. This is the blank canvas that I use to create the art that is my blog. (Insert a BIG hoot of laughter here!)

Sometimes the ideas for my "artwork" are inspired by amazing life events, crazy shenanigans that I get involved in, or emotional moments I spend with the Lord. Others, like this one are inspired by random comments in conversations. As I was staring at the blank screen tonight, my sister asked, "Is that what it looks like when you blog?" I figured if she was curious about it, then there might be a few thousand readers who needed to know how it looked behind the scene. While I was reading proofreading out loud, my 8 year old niece Taylor informed me that I used a hyperbole...She said, "BB your blog doesn't have thousands of readers. That's and exaggeration." Hehe...she's right, there may be 2 of you who wonder about how I create a blog. I can rest easy you know!

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