Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Running Convert

I am so happy to say that my running has finally had its first convert! My best friend Matt has finally joined the running cult and is scheduled for his first half marathon this Saturday. He actually drove around in his truck to check his mileage tonight after his run. I would say he is definitely joined the club. I remember when I first started out, I would spend as much time checking my mileage with the car odometer as I would actually running.

I am so proud of him for taking on this challenge. It has not been easy for him. He suffers from asthma and sometimes has a really hard time. He continues to press on in spite of it. His race will be in Greer, SC and promises to be quite the hilly course. I would love for some of you to leave him a message here to cheer him on this weekend. Think back to your first big race... Weren't you nervous? Didn't you need support? I will be running the race as well to support him. Runner friends, pay it forward here. Give him some advice, tips, and funnies to get him through his 13.1 on Saturday!

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