Monday, April 16, 2012

One Day...

Everyone has their list of "One days..." You know the list. The things deep down inside you long for. The things your brain, heart and soul want so bad you can taste them. I am not talking about one day you are gonna clean out the garage or one day you are gonna paint that spare bedroom. I am talking big things. Life changing things. Things that you mark down and remember as a milestone in your life's work.

We only have one shot in life so we all have a list of things we hope to see happen while we are here. I have a long list of "One Days," as I am sure many of you do. Today is my "One Day" day. It became "one day" day 2 years ago when I realized this is the Monday of the Boston Marathon. One day... I hope to run it. It is probably the most prestigious marathon there is. It is one of those races that every runner, even the ones who act like it doesn't matter, secretly wants to qualify for. There are those who scoff at the notion of qualifying for a marathon, claiming that the exclusivity of the race is not what the sport is all about. While agree to an extent, all sports have special events that set their athletes apart. Qualifying for anything means that you have met a certain standard to guarantee your entry. I want to quify for Boston...bad! Not because of the prestige though, but for the shear joy of knowing how far I have come from my 230lb big boy days. Yes, I have that joy now as I weigh in at 145, but to obtain a BQ (Boston Qualifying Time) would be the pinnacle of this journey for me. Thus, I day!!!

What's on your list, but more importantly, what are you doing to obtain it? If there is one thing my "One Day" goal has taught me is that one day goals just don't happen. You have to work hard. They take diligence, daily attention, and believe it or not times of absolute failure. It is during those times the goal gets a little bit closer.

I asked some of my friends to finish these sentence, "one day I hope to..." Here are some of their responses.

I hope to finish school... Again!!!

I hope to jump out of an airplane.

I hope to go a day without changing a diaper.

I hope to visit all 30 major league ballparks. 22 to go!

I hope to retire to the beach.

I hope to sing the National Anthem at the Braves Game.

I hope to... understand.

I hope to see Jesus.

I am confident many of these, and your goals will be met. Let today, "One Day" day, be the day you get started!

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