Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Lucky Me

The skies had a bit of a leak today. The sunshine turned to liquid late yesterday afternoon and never solidified today. All day long I kept looking outside only to see constant ripples of rain drops disturbing the calm of the pond water just beyond my classroom window. It was glum at best. After school, I had to brave all that is "wonderful" about Wal-Mart to make an exchange. As I lugged my heavy and awkward return through the puddle filled parking lot, trying to dodge the fat rain, I questioned the timing of the return. My attempt at using my time wisely would have been much better replaced with an afternoon of procrastination. Yet, I trudged on. Of course when I finally made it to the register, the clerk informed me that the item I was returning was out of stock. It wasn't her fault, so I picked up the bulky mass of an object that was a broken camping table and headed back out into the puddle filled parking lot. As I made my way this time, I could hear grumbling and griping filling my thoughts... "Here I am in the rain, lugging this table back and forth, and for what?" Then, it hit me like a ton of bricks... How lucky am I to be here in the rain, lugging a table back and forth!!! How in the world could I moan and complain about something that 90 percent of the world may never get to do. I am blessed with a car that drove me there. Some people haven't seen rain in months. I have plenty of money to buy the 45 dollar table. I had to ask no one for permission to buy it or return it. I am so thankful for that sudden about face that my attitude took during that journey across the lot. Its amazing what a little change in perspective can do.

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