Thursday, April 19, 2012

Did You Know...

... that I have fallen out of a moving car?

... that I spent the summer in Europe when I was 16?

... that I had posters of Alyssa Milano, Tiffany, and Debbie Gibson on my wall back in the day?

... that I had a record of the smurfs singing?

...  that I once had a bolt stick into my head while swinging on a tire swing?

... that I raised 2 calves one summer in hopes of taking them to the fair in the fall, only to kill them in the summer by feeding them the wrong thing?

... that I have had turtles, hamsters, fish, dogs, cats, and a bird as a pet, but I am not really a big pet fan?

... that I cut the tip of my left pinky off?

... that I saw Donald Trump at his hotel in NY, rode in an elevator with rappers Kid And Play, had a picture with Kevin Costner and George W. Bush?

... that I once fell on a hot go cart motor and it ate 2 square inches of skin off my leg?

... that I have lived in Alaska, Senegal, and The Philippines?

... that the first time I ever saw a turkey in the wild I was 18 years old?

... that I once laid down beside a real live crocodile?

... that I left my Wii on for over 2 years before I ever thought to cut it off?

... that blogging is stress relief for me? 

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