Saturday, April 21, 2012

Greer Earth Day Half Marathon

When you are running a half marathon, the race doesn't begin at start time. It begins months before as you set out on your training runs. You pound the pavement day after day, week after week in preparation for the big day. Another key component of the race is the pre race meal. You want to make a good choice. Too greasy and you will be visiting the port-o-john on the race route... NOT A PLEASANTRY I might add. Last night Matt enjoyed his first pre half marathon meal. He chose Chicken Alfredo.

Since he finished under his goal time of 2 hours, I would say he made the right choice. So proud of my friend for running his first half marathon. The course was not an easy one at all. I chose a course at the beach for my first and blazed right through because it was flat as a pancake. This course had some pretty tough hills, the toughest being in the last mile of the race.

I am still not sure what my finish time was. I didn't see the clock as I crossed the line, but I think it was about 1:30:35. I will know when they post the results online. Here are some shots of us plowing towards the finish. I dont care if you run 1 mile or 50, the finish is always a sweet place to be!

I solicited some of my family and friends of Matt and me to cheer for us along the route. Having fans at a race like this makes all the difference. I am so thankful to my sister and brother-in-law for draggin' the kids out of bed at 6:30 on a Saturday morning to support us!

Our good friends Kati and Meri even got up early to come show their support. What great friends we have!!! Thanks to both of them for sacrificing their Saturday morning sleep!

This brings my 2012 race count to 5:
January- Hair of the Dog 10 miler
February- Myrtle Beach Marathon
March- Reedy River 10k and Cooper River Bridge Run 10K
April- Greer Earth Day Half Marathon be determined SOON!

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