Monday, April 9, 2012

Last Moments Of 33

In just about 2 hrs my age will quietly change from 33 to 34. It honestly has kinda sneaked up on me this year. Normally I am just giddy about my birthday coming, but for some reason this year I have felt too busy to think about it. Last week my 8 year old niece said, "You know...Life really does speed up when you get older." I laughed when I heard this because I just remember hw slow life seemed to drag at that age. You lived for Christmas and birthdays and it seemed they both took FOREVER!!!!!

Now, as I face the dawn of a new age tomorrow, it honestly seems like yesterday I was having the best surprise party ever when I turned 21 or living in a mud hut in Senegal when I turned 23. Gosh, both of those were over 10 years ago. Where in the heck has time gone? I cannot imagine how my Granny must feel when she turns around and looks behind her.

Tomorrow will come and go without any bells and whistles, my mom will get the flowers that I send her every year as a token of thanks for the pain she endured on my special day, and I will be one year closer to a new age group qualifying time for the Boston Marathon. (That means I can slow down a bit.) I have to work all day, then Upward soccer practice in the afternoon. I am not expecting any gifts or big to-dos. I am hoping for a thoughtful card or 2. Words of encouragement are my love language.

I don't feel like I am getting older. When I told the waitress at FATZ tonight that it was my birthday (for real this time so I could get the free cake.) she thought I was turning 27. I must look young huh? I must be getting older though...the last few moments of 33 are gonna spent in dream land. See you in year 34.

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