Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Birthday 34

Birthday 34 has been a great day! Take a look at some of my favorite items from today. 

My mom sneaked into my house and found the shirt from my first marathon and had it framed. If you click on the pic you will see what it is so special to me. All of my students signed the shirt to wish me luck during the race. LOVE this gift!!!! I was so surprised to see this hanging up when I got home tonight!

Every year when someone asks me what I want for my birthday, I always say a thoughtful card. I love to see what people pick for me to have, and I treasure the words they write in them. See what people write just means so much to me. My most favorite card is a blank one filled with personal writing. This one wasn't blank but the words inside sure were thoughtful! Love the pic on the front too!

Matt and my sister know me all too well. Plaid from American Eagle is always good to go with that thoughtful card!

Using their Easter money, my nieces went shopping for me today. This made me want to cry. Sophie got me a bill organizer to help me save money, and Taylor got me a bunch of teacher stuff. Their cards were great too. Taylor said she had to get the one with the purple guy on it because he was working out  like me, and Sophie got the other one because she lovvvvvvvves ice cream.

So thankful for life today. It has been a great day filled with encouragement and love from lots of great people. Thanks to all of you who made today, and yesterday evening (Kati) so much fun!!!

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