Thursday, March 8, 2012

Word Vomit

It's no wonder that older folks say things like, "You catch more flies with honey than vinegar." There is so much wisdom and truth in that simple little phrase. What good ever comes from irrationally spewing hateful words with a harsh tone? Lord knows I have had my moments of word vomit...

That is a self coined phrase that describes the moment when your words come out in a projectile like manner. It is NOT a pretty sight. The mouth opens and the words force their way out like a raging river past flood stage. As you see the words exit, you know that disaster is soon to follow. Word vomit is usually proceeded by a period of remorse and regret, multiple apologies, and wishing you could take it all back. I am pretty sure most of you can relate. Even the quietest person I know has had a case of this disease a time or two.

Over the last year of so I have really worked hard on taking extra precautions against this dreaded illness. I pray a whole lot! I try to surround myself with people who invite happy speech. I attempt to counteract any word vomit that others may spew with a positive attitude and encouragement. Many times when I sense that others are about to hurl, I say something nice as an antidote to the poison. Almost always, it reverses the effects of their venom.

If you have been around the blog in the last few months then you know how I am working at staying positive, exuding happiness in an otherwise grumpy world, and being nice to those around me. I must say it taste a lot sweeter in my mouth than the wretched bitterness that arrives after the moment of word vomit. Next time you go to say something remember what the old folks say...

"You catch more flies with honey than vinegar."

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