Saturday, March 10, 2012

Walking With BB

This afternoon I took a walk with my sister and nieces down to a little pond we used to fish at when we were little. As we walked, my sister and I talked about how much things had changed since we were younger, yet that little pond had stayed the same. It was so neat to see the girlies enjoy the same view that we had when we were little.

During the walk we introduced the girls to "cow patties," the girls practiced climbing the gate into the pasture, and they off their running skills to their BB. Ya'll know I was proud! My sister and I talked about how we didn't like litterbugs, Taylor gave me an environmental lesson on how cars are bad for the environment and we should only ride bikes, and Sophie kept asking us if we were proud because she wasn't whining.

Isn't it funny how we all plan these amazing family vacations, spend money on huge family dinners, and go in debt with presents around Christmas and birthdays, yet this walk was a great time of being together, and the cost was absolutely free! Hopefully there will be many more of these walks!

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