Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Give It Away

When I was little we used to sing a song in Vacation Bible School about sharing. It said,

"Share with one another.
Share with one another.
This is the happy way to
share with one another."

The song could go on forever...Love one another. Care for one another. Bless one another. etc.

I catch myself singing this often throughout my school day. The life of a teacher is constant sharing. We share our knowledge with children. We share our time with parents before and after school...well beyond our "7:30-2:30" time frame that most people think we work. We share our plans and lessons with coworkers. It is a constant job of "giving it away."

I personally would not have it any other way. That's why I am a teacher. I want to "give away" whatever I have that will make the students, the parents, the profession be successful! I cannot imagine for the life of me being so greedy that I kept everything I had to myself. What good is that?

Every now and then you run across people who want to hoard it all up. It's kinda sad really. Just give it away. When you do it just makes room for more good to come in!

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