Saturday, January 14, 2012

You Are Crazy

This morning I set out on my Saturday long run like I do every week. Sometimes I start from home. Sometimes I drive to the Rail Trail. Recently, I have been parking about 2 miles north of the Rail Trail at the local Krispy Kreme. For some reason that seems like a good spot for a former "heavy weight" to use as home base for his long run. The smell of the hot and ready Kremes is good prerun fuel!

This morning it was pretty cold as I started. The official temp. according to my iPhone was 29. I wore my usual attire for that temperature: shorts, long sleeve under a short sleeve, gloves, and a hat...of course my shoes and socks too, but I am assuming my readers are smart enough to figure that part out. It was a bit chilly as I started, but as anyone who works out knows, it doesn't take long to get warmed up, thus my wearing shorts. I have a pair of running tights, but it has to be really cold for me to use them.

About a quarter mile into the run I passed 2 people walking. Of course they were bundled up from head to toe. One was chain smoking (I swear he had one cig. in each hand.) and the other was about 200lbs. overweight and eating a box of doughnuts. As I passed them, I could feel their stares and hear the conversation... It went something like this...

Overweight Lady: "What in the world is he doing?"
Chain Smoking Man: "I don't know. What is he thinking?"
Together in Chorus: "Man, he is crazy!"

I could not help but chuckle as I ran off down the street towards the 14 miles that awaited me thinking about the lesson in irony that I had just been a part of.

So, now publicly on this blog let me reverse the irony... You, chain smoking man, and You, overweight lady eating a box of doughnuts are the crazy ones!!!

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