Monday, May 23, 2011

Running Nostalgia

I told you guys a few weeks ago that I was starting to become a fan of books about running. They seem to reel me in during the first few lines, and I am not able to put them down. I cannot explain this phenomenon, because it has never happened in my entire life. Books usually lose me after the 1st chapter. I have the largest stack of books that I have only read 1 chapter. I guess I have a mild case of ADD or something. I honestly cannot pay attention long enough to finish.

A coworker of mine, who knows all too well about my running obsession, and my running genre addiction. When she was pillaging through the discarded books from the library at school, she saw this and thought of me. I thought it was a hoot to look at, but never judge a book by its cover right? Wait, didn't I do that last week on this blog? I digress...

Anyway, the book turned out to be pretty informational. Of course it was your basic running advice as it was a beginner level book, but it was a good read nonetheless.

This is the part I found most intriguing though... The copyright was 1979. That book had been floating around our library for 32 years. It was stamped with the name of the school that moved into our facility. All I could wonder about as I read was how many kids had checked it out and read all about running???? I hope a lot of them.

Now that I read this one... Can it count as book number 5 for the year?

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