Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Field Day

You know school is coming to an end when field day rolls around, and today was our day!!! It was an awesome day to be outside, and thankfully the heat did not really set in til after lunch. I took lots of pics throughout the day, but this one was my favorite.

During this game kids used their toes to fish for marbles in the kiddie pool. I can only imagine the funk that was in that water, but the kids LOVED every second of this game. I stood on a chair and leaned over them to get this shot. Look closely near the bottom left and you will see a toe opened up letting the marble go into the bucket. The pic just screams out fun to me.

Being at field day all day long made me take a stroll down memory lane to my elementary days. I had 3 favorite events I always wanted to sign up for...

1. Balloon Pop- You ran with a balloon to the end of your assigned lane, then sat on it til it popped. You then ran back and tagged your team member so they could run pop theirs.

2. Potato in the Can- You put a potato between your legs and hopped so far to a tin can. Once over the can you had to drop the potato into the can. You can only imagine what that looked like. IT WAS HILARIOUS!!!

3. Hula Hoop- Go ahead and laugh, but I was the only boy who could win this one. Some boys were proud of their 50 yd. dash times, but not me... I could hula hoop FOREVER! Who cares if I couldn't run as fast as those boys... I wonder how their fast 50 yd dashes are working for them now? I can still hula hoop forever, and run a sub 6 minute mile...Did I mention I ran a marathon... HAHAHAHA!!!

What were your favorite field day events?

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The Rickards Family said...

Hula Hoop! Won every year. Maybe we need to compete ;)