Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What Jed Can't Do!

This is a book I have in my classroom library at school. I usually read it to the kiddos at the beginning of the school year, but today as I poured my post run cereal snack, it came to mind. Why you ask??? Keep reading!

It came to mind because little pieces of cereal fell out of the bowl and little drops of milk dropped to counter. I said out loud, while I was all alone, "I cannot pour a bowl of cereal." It is true, I can't! I cannot think of a time where I didn't spill a piece of cereal or a drop of milk when I am eating cereal. I eat cereal at least 2 times a day, sometimes 3. Breakfast, post run, and sometimes and bedtime snack.

As I said "I can't," a whole list of little things popped into my head that I cannot do! Hope these make you feel a little bit better about yourself!

1. I can't whistle with 2 fingers... You know, the really loud kind of whistle that everyone stops when they hear it.

2. I can't grill anything. I burn it no matter what it matter the temperature...even if I stand there the whole time.

3. I can't play team sports. I have tried, and I stink at all of them. Don't ask me to be on your team. Coaching is one thing, playing is a whole different ball game!

4. I can't mop. Every time I have ever attempted I get stuck in a corner. I always feel like I am just pushing a bucket of dirty water around the living room and nothing is getting cleaned.

5. I can't use Print Shop. All my techy and teacher friends will laugh at this one. I have tried to use the software and it just doesn't make sense to me. I blog, I wiki, I create Power Point, I make flipcharts for ActivInspire, I can even write a bit of html code, but don't ask me to do something on Print Shop.

6. I can't set a little cheap watch. You know the ones you get at Wal-Mart for like 5 bucks... I have had several of those, and I always have to get someone else to set it. My students ask me to set theirs all the time, and I just have to tell them to ask their mom!

7. I can't raise one eyebrow and sink the other one. I want to so bad so I can give the evil eye to my students. Sometimes I think I am giving them that evil eye only to realize that both eyebrows are raised, and I look ridiculous! No wonder they laugh at me.

8. I can't tie someone else's shoe. Let me explain... I can if I am beside them, and tie it as if it were my own shoe. Standing across from them and trying to tie it is almost impossible for me!

9. I can't wrap stuff with plastic wrap. The stuff never sticks like it supposed to, I tear it off and it is instantly a big mess, I get mad and throw it away. I use tin foil instead. (Teri, that is aluminum foil for you!)

10. I can't get ice out of the freezer without dropping at least one piece. If I am at your house, my house, my mom's house...whoever's house, I WILL drop a piece of ice if I have to get any out... TRUST ME!

Is there anything you can't do?

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Teri said...

Have we had a conversation about foil that I am not recalling? I think I just call it foil......let me say the shoe tying thing is weird. Isn't tying a shoe the same in any position???