Monday, April 4, 2011

Sitting Here....Bloggin'

My house is so relaxing right now. There is a gentle hum of the dishwasher that is so calming, not sure why. The front door and back door are wide open with a breeze zipping through the length of the house. The ceiling fan is turning on low, and there is some jazz trumpet playing just where I can hear it. There is no TV blaring. The neighbors aren't bouncing their basketballs. No one is cutting the grass in the dark. No dogs are howling at the sky... It is just peaceful.

I am so thankful for moments like these where I can just sit and relax. They don't come that often. I guess that's why I like them so much. Believe it or not, when I get done here, I about to dive into chapter 11 of my 3rd book in a month. I know... Don't faint. Guess I am getting old!!! My birthday is coming up Sunday ya know???

In my age, the blog has taken a turn hasn't it? I used to blog about my world adventures and cross country trips... Now, it's running, reading, and relaxing. No wonder my reader numbers have dropped off... Their loss right? Anyone who knows me, knows to stick around... I have always got a good story... See ya tomorrow!

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