Sunday, April 3, 2011


So I am sitting her enjoying my tomato soup and cheese toast for dinner... Yes, I know it was warm today and that is a winter type dinner, but I LOVE it... I digress, The house was completely quiet. I am here alone, and all of a sudden a huge bang came from the kitchen. It sounded like a boom then someone throwing a dish. I am not gonna lie... It scared me to death. I ran over there to see what happened, and there in the floor were the pieces.

This is my prized Pampered Chef pizza stone. I have used it for 5 years and it was just now getting good! You can see the dark burned circle in the middle... that was not there when I laid it on the stove after taking my cheese toast out of the oven. Apparently I left the eye on when I was cooking the soup, and then laid the stone on top of the eye. The heat from the eye caused it to pop and then the missing piece fell to the floor and shattered. Who knew that a stone that goes in the oven at 450 degrees could not stand the heat of stove top set on low heat? I thought it was unbreakable.... O well... Lesson learned!

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