Saturday, April 9, 2011

32 Was A Great Year!

Tomorrow I am turning 33. I am ecstatic for another year of life and all that it holds, but when I look back over 32, some pretty amazing things happened. I am sure I will miss this year more than others, but I thought I would take a moment to reflect on all that was good through year 32.

1. Ran my first 5k. It was at AMRBC to raise money for missions.

2. Won my first 5k. Well, I wasn't the overall winner, but I won my age division at the Middle Tyger YMCA Back To School Run.

3. Ran my first half-marathon. Overwhelmed myself with a great time of 1:30 minutes!

4. Ran my first marathon. 26.2 miles of wonderfully painful bliss that lasted 3hrs. 29mins. 11secs.

Ok, so all those things listed were about running. Surely there are more great things from year 32. Of course!!!

5. WHITE CHRISTMAS.... Who would have ever thought that would happen here? It was amazing. I have looked through the pictures countless times just to relive the magic of that day!

6. I was voted into a statewide leadership role for teachers through the C.E.R.R.A. organization. That might not be a big deal to lots of you, but it was pretty cool to me.

7. I was nominated for Teacher of the Year.

8. Helped my niece with her first ever science fair project and she went all the way to win an award at the regional science fair... ON HER FIRST TRY. I am so proud!

9. Got to witness one of my favorite students ever, J. Petty, earn his 1st degree black belt in karate. I was so proud to be there.

10. All of my family and friends are healthy and there for me just like they have always been!

I can only pray that 33 is just as blessed as 32. Here's to another year! Now that this blog has ended, I am now accepting birthday wishes. Beat the rush and leave one today so you won't be stuck in line tomorrow. :0)

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