Friday, April 8, 2011

Washes, Not Washed

Several months ago I ran across this song called, "O The Blood," sang by Kari Jobe from Gateway Worship in Texas. It is one of those songs that just overwhelms me every time I hear it. I have to be careful when it comes on in the car because there are often tears, and many times I find my hands leaving the wheel only to be raised in worship. I sure the folks beside me think I am some crazed fanatic. I'm not... I'm just thankful.

The words are so powerful to me. "What a sacrifice to save my life?" "O what love, no greater love." "That in my sin, yes even then, He shed His blood for me."

There is one phrase in there that just hit me today as I listened to this on the way home...

"washes me."

The word washes is something that happens over and over. Think about how a wave washes away the sand. It is a constant motion; a constant happening that nothing can stop. Every morning when you go on the beach it looks as if no one has ever been there. No matter how many holes, castles, and words people carve into the sand it is always smooth and clean in a matter of hours.

I love that it doesn't say "the blood washed me." Meaning, one time, way in the past He cleaned me up, and ever since then I am left alone to clean myself and all my messes up as He stands off at a far shaking His head in disgust.

Yes... I do get dirty... I heap all kinds of sin and strife on myself. I create messes and life seems to spill all over me sometimes... and just like the very first time I encountered Him, He stands there with his cleansing blood and washes me once again.

O the Blood... It is my victory!

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