Thursday, March 17, 2011

3 Days Til The Marathon

When you are a runner, your family and friends become runners... They may not be out there pounding the pavement with you as you trod along, but they know all about every step.

They listen to your stories about speeds and distances.

They examine your black toes and blisters.

They walk slower than normal with you in the parking lot at Target right after your long run because you are too sore to walk at a normal speed.

They get defensive for you when they hear about someone waving with the wrong finger as you run.

They rearrange their schedules around your running times.

They deal with stinky, wet clothes that pile up in your cars.

They ride around with you while you check your mileage from the run earlier in the day.

They might let you sneak out of work a bit early so you can get 10 miles in before the winter dark sets in... Of course, you have to go back later and finish your job!!!

They make grocery store runs to get bananas, protein bars, and Gold Bond!

The list could go on and on!!!!! I have had the most supportive network of family and friends over the past year, especially since November when I officially started the marathon training. I could not have made it through the 642 miles of training without the support of these folks... They are my biggest fans! They help me tune out the naysayers, and keep running! You all know who you are. Thank you so much for the way you have been an active participant in help me work towards this goal. I hope I will do you proud this weekend!

Here are 2 examples of family and friend encouragement that I got just today.

This is a good luck banana that one of mys students brought me today. I almost cried when she gave it to me. So thoughtful of her! She gave me permission to eat it right then because it would be black by Sunday.

The family came over for dinner tonight, and while we were cooking inside, Taylor and Sophie were "sidewalk chalking." This picture is right at my front door! I LOVE IT! I hope it is dry for a while so it won't wash away!


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