Friday, March 18, 2011

2 Days Til The Marathon

As you can imagine, I am running around the house like a mad man getting myself ready to leave for Atlanta in the morning. There is no more training, running, push-ups, or anything else I can do now to get ready... I just have to get my game face on, and get this done!

One of the last preparations I had to do tonight was eat a big dinner. I ate so much spaghetti I am about to pop! It was sooooo good. I had 2 big pieces of bread (no butter of course.) with it too!!! A lot people asked me what I was eating tomorrow, but today is really the day for me to load up. I don't really like to eat too much the night before the race. You don't want to have to stop at the port-o-let as you get to mile 25.... After that many miles, you may not be able to get back up!! HA! Tomorrow I will probably have some type of chicken and a sweet potato somewhere in downtown Atlanta.

My bags are packed and my running shorts are in the dryer... Don't worry, I won't forget them... I have a note on my bag just in case! I got shoes, socks, ipod, watch, signed racing shirt,... OOO Gold Bond, I haven't packed that yet... shoot, or my band-aids.... I better go get them now, while they are on my brain.... WISH ME LUCK!!! 2 days to go!!!

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