Wednesday, March 16, 2011

4 Days Til The Marathon

Have you ever been driving down the same old street you drive down every single day, and all of a sudden you notice a road that you have never paid much attention to before... You ask yourself, "Has that road always been there?" One day when you are on your way home and you are in no particular rush to get there, you decide to turn down that road. When you get down that road you find another road, and you turn again...then again... and maybe once more, and then as you come around the corner of the last road, you come out right near where you were headed? In some weird way your new path led you to the same destination, even though you had no idea where you were heading?

This is kind of how I feel about my running adventures over the past year. When I started out, I was running up and down the same old streets in my neighborhood that I have lived in for the past 5 years. I passed these roads everyday in my car, and then one day I introduced them to my feet. My feet kept going and ventured out of the neighborhood up to a nearby church and a school... A few months later they were finding new paths, new trails, and new roads to sprint down all over town.

Now, here I am a year later, going to new roads in a different state, starting another new path, a new journey. I have no idea where the road will lead, how I will get there, if it will be easy, or how many pairs of shoes it might take... but I do know this... I will get to wherever I am supposed to be, and it will be a fun run getting there! 4 DAYS TO GO!!!

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