Tuesday, March 8, 2011

12 Days Til The Marathon

After I finished that last 5k and won my age division I knew that it was time to take my running one step further. I made the big trip over to Greenville to Run In, a specialty running store to get another new pair of shoes. I was starting to go further in my daily runs and needed something with a bit more cushion. After trying on every pair in the store with the help of an awesome staff, I chose these shoes.

These are Mizuno Wave Rider 13. They are not the lightest weight shoe to run in, but I love the way they feel on my feet when I run. I must like them. My 3rd pair just came in the mail today! The clerks at the store said that running shoes are good for about 500 miles. So I get new ones pretty often.

One of the things I started doing when I got my first pair of Mizunos was to keep a running log of my mileage, run time, and any special notes about my run (ie: weird weather, achy muscles, sick feelings, etc.) I blogged about the journal being like my reward chart where I could see my progress. You can go here to read the post. When I started the journal I was so excited to fill up that first page. I felt such a sense of accomplishment. This week I started page 10! I totaled up the mileage since the first day that I started recording on July 25th... Grand total so far: 1,152 miles. (This doesn't count the runs from March 1st-July 24th, I am assuming I am at about 1500) I am looking forward to many many more!

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