Wednesday, March 9, 2011

11 Days Til The Marathon

.... Speaking of running more. After the last 5k back in the summer I decided I was ready to run a race that was a bit longer. Most people would go from a 5k to a 10k... I was already running 10k distances on my daily runs so it just seemed logical to skip that step and push to the next, I signed up for a half-marathon at Myrtle Beach. The race was on Oct. 23. If you have been visiting here for a while then you may remember this post.

I had a fantastic first experience with a longer distance race. I had friends and family there to cheer me on, I had a good race time, and I ate a big ole lunch when I finished. After it was over, I guess people started to notice my running, because I began to get LOTS of questions from people wanting to know how they could get started, what food should they eat, what shoes to buy, how far should they go to start with, etc.

One question I got very often was... How far was your half-marathon? I tried not to chuckle when people asked me this because I realize not everyone is a runner... but, half-marathons are only 1 distance... 13.1 miles. It is exactly half of a full marathon... 26.2 miles. That is the other question I get... "Well, how far is your marathon in March?" If you want to read about the history of the marathon, go here and check it out.

Just so you know... Here are the distances of other races. Now you will know.
5k= 3.1 miles
8k= 4.97
10k= 6.2 miles
Half Marathon- 13.1 miles
Marathon- 26.2 miles
Ultramarthon- Any race distance longer than the normal 26.2 marathon.

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