Thursday, February 3, 2011

Running Encounters

When I run I encounter 4 types of people... Which one are you?

1. The Encourager (Encourage means to spur someone on to something good.)
Last weekend while I was running I got the best encouragement. I was some where in the middle of mile 8 of my 20 mile route, when a lady I didn't know, who was outside in her yard, stopped what she was doing to cheer me on as I passed by her house. It was like I was in a race, and she was my fan. She will never know what that meant to me. By mile 8 you are really starting to feel it a bit, and pacing yourself for the 12 miles that lie ahead of you is a must. She probably never gave her cheering a second thought, but it encouraged me and followed me through the rest of the run. This is not typical for my daily runs, but it was nice to get. Most walkers, cyclists, and other runners will almost always give you a nod, a howdy do, or the pointer finger, old man wave. Occasionally, I will get waves and honks from friends who see me running, and I love it! It keeps me motivated and going strong!

2. The Mocker (Mock means to make fun of.)
There are hecklers and mockers on every run. It usually entails some of our high school's finest rolling down their windows and screaming and yelling at me at the top of their lungs... or blowing their horn at me and then giving me a goofy wave or that special little "California Howdy." Just this past Saturday, some where around mile 16, I had some hoodlums mock me a bit and pretend to be running, while they chain smoked down the sidewalk. Thankfully, I still had the cheers of that lady echoing in my head. I just chuckled as they screamed "Run, Forest Run!" I have NEEEVERRR heard that one. :0)

3. The Ignore"er" (Ignore means to pretend that something is not there.)
Believe it or not this group is by far the largest, and honestly, the one that is the most difficult for me to tolerate while I run. It is hard for me to tolerate because most of the time these people look like nice, decent people. They appear to be well off. They sometimes even have bumper stickers proclaiming how terrific their kids are, yet, these people are the ones who I make eye contact with, smile at, and even wave to as I trudge along, and they literally look the other way as I wave or smile. Better yet, they stare back, but offer no smile, no wave, and in some instances keep driving their cars as if I am not even there. Just today I almost got hit by a lady who was texting as she turned. I will never understand how it is possible to look at someone who smiles and not smile back... to have someone wave at you and not give at least a nod in return. I must admit that I like hecklers better than these folks... At least the hecklers are acknowledging that I am there.

4. The Oblivious (Oblivious means you had no idea that there was anyone around but yourself.)
You people get a free pass if you don't see me wave... Just be careful not to hit me. :0)

So... Which person are you?

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The Rickards Family said...

I would either be the encourager or oblivious - depending on the day. Most days, probably the latter. (LR)