Friday, February 4, 2011


The past few weeks I have gotten busted on a few things.

1. I was facebooking during band practice, and I got shamed by our director on my wall.

2. I got caught snapping a picture of something funny at another table in a restaurant at dinner because my phone flashed when I took the picture.

3. I got called out by roommate for leaving a cereal bowl where it should not have been.

4. My sister caught me spending a gift certificate that I was supposed to share with her.... but somehow she doesn't reaaaaaaaallllly know that it was that gift certificate I used... Maybe she will read this and figure it out.

5. I made a big spelling mistake on my blog and a person I don't even know sent me a message about it! I was really glad she did though. It was FUNNY!

Gotta love a bit of humble pie!

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