Saturday, February 5, 2011

Pure Love Weekend

Last night I opened up my home to a group of high school junior and senior guys from church who were participating in our church youth group's "Pure Love" weekend. Pure Love weekend is a 2 day youth conference hosted by our youth ministers Bucky and Steven, in order to teach students about the importance of leading pure lives.

I must admit that I was a little apprehensive at first... 8 high school guys in my little house? I was almost sure that they would trash my house, break something, spill food every where....something. I didn't think that they would do it intentionally because I knew most of them, but I knew with that many guys in the small space that is my house, that something was bound to happen.

Boy, I could not have been more wrong. I knew everything was gonna go just fine when I snapped this picture.

Just in case you can't make this out... It is a pile of shoes. Without anyone asking them to, without even a sneer at their wet shoes... Each guy who came in took their shoes off and left them at the front door. I am posting this picture just so their mama's will be proud.

The guys who stayed here were not only well mannered, respectful, and helpful, they were great listeners and participators in the 3 teaching times that their leaders, Andrew and Scott, led. It was a privilege to get up early this morning and fix them 48 pancakes and 3 lbs. of bacon! There was one little incident with a missing computer, but let's just say I will be getting even!!!

All jokes aside, I was thoroughly impressed by every guy here. I can only pray they listened to the words of the weekend and take them to heart. Remember... Don't ever go watch TV! Thanks to all of you for a great weekend!

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