Saturday, January 22, 2011

Who Would You Be?

Today I had the privilege of interviewing high school seniors who were applying for scholarships to help fund their college tuition as they seek to become educators. I walked away from the experience so encouraged about the future of education here in South Carolina. The students I interviewed were filled with passion as they talked about their desire to become a part of the most noble profession in the world!

One question we asked each applicant was, "If you could be any story or movie character, who would you be and why?" I absolutely loved this question. I was excited every time a new applicant walked into the room because I wanted to hear how they would respond. Everyone had a great response!

You cannot sit in a "questioning" position like that and not think of your own responses...After all, there was a time at the end where they could ask us questions. What if they asked me the same thing? I wanted to be ready.

As I had time in between each applicant, these are a few of the characters I thought I would most want to be.

1. The Flash- Ok, ok.. I know this one is silly. But, with my new found running life, this guy had to be on my list right? Think of all the extra time I would have. 10 miles would take like 1 minute, and I wouldn't even be out of breath, not to mention having a perfectly sculpted body. I could probably do without the lightning bolt ears though.

2. Dr. DoLittle- I knew that the Flash was not the best character so I kept thinking. I thought way back to my first chapter book from 4th grade, The Story of Doctor Doolittle. I remember being so fascinated with this character as I read through this book. Dr. Dolittle was the coolest thing because he could talk to animals. I just envisioned myself standing out on my deck having a little talk with that squirrel that dismembered my cushion!

3. Buddy- Of course this guy had to be on my list right? Who in their right mind would not want to be Buddy? He was raised by an elf, at the North Pole, with Santa as his best friend...He eats candy, Pop-Tarts, and syrup like its going out of style, and never got fat... AND He got the girl at the end!! Honestly, I think that it is Buddy's innocence that makes me drawn to want to be him. Think about when he wanted to hug that raccoon, the outfit he bought for "someone special, and the incident with Miles Finch. In all of those things Buddy was reaching out to others with the most sincere and innocent heart. He always saw the good, and wanted to make everyone around him happy...Smiling was his favorite!

4. Flick- This one would have probably been my answer had I been in the "hot seat." I would love to be like Flick from A Bug's Life because of his audacious and unwavering determination to change the old ways of his colony to something new and better. In the movie, all the ants were doing the same old thing, the same old way, every single day, but Flick knew there was a better way to do things. Sure many of his ideas flopped and he looked ridiculous, but he kept going in spite of the mockery and insults from his very own kind. Eventually, all of his hard work paid off and he saw true change throughout his colony. What if we all were like Flick and had that kind of attitude in just one area of our lives? I think our "colony" would be a whole different kind of place!

So... If you could be any character from any book or movie, who would you be...and why?

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