Friday, January 21, 2011

The Pain Is Worth The Gain

This week has been one of the hardest weeks for me since I have been running. I am officially half way through my training for my very first marathon in March, and every step has been arduous to say the least. The definition of arduous according to Webster means involving or requiring strenuous effort, difficult and tiring. The effort that I have had to put in this week can only be described as strenuous.

Yes, the feat of running anything over 10 miles is tiring and my muscles are sore, but the hardest part this week has been the mental battle that comes with running. It all started last week when it snowed a foot, and I was forced to the treadmill. I got a little defeated when I couldn't run as fast on there as I do in the real world. Saturday when I finally made it back outside, there was snow and ice everywhere on my trails still making for a very difficult and much longer (time wise) run.

Tuesdays run, I bounced back with a vengeance. I run my like crazy and got some of my running "mojo" back, but that must have been an adrenaline rush caused by finally being back at school and being free from the ice and snow. Wednesday's and Thursday's run found me face first into the proverbial brick wall. Yes, I finished my runs at the distances needed for my training, but it took me about 10 minutes longer than normal. That may not sound like a lot to you, but in the running world...It is a lot.

The whole time I was pressing on through the run, I kept ignoring the nagging soreness and the blister that has been with since Saturday's run when shoe got wet from snow, the new one that formed on the other foot yesterday, and the bruise on my left big toe, due to one simple thought... The pain is totally worth gain!

On March 20th, whenever I cross that finish line, every drop of sweat, blood, and tears that I have spilled over all these last few weeks will well be worth the pain and tiredness I am experiencing right now. There are 8 weeks left until my run. Wish me luck!

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