Monday, January 24, 2011

Think About His Love

I just finished reading an article about the Reverend Billy Graham. In the article the journalist asked him if he had any regrets. After 92 years of life, his words of wisdom should influence us all. He said he would have stayed out of politics, took less speaking engagements, studied more, and spent more time with his family.

I was really struck by his 3rd one... studied more. Billy Graham, while not a normal, every Sunday, kind of preacher, is one of the champions of our faith. He is has preached in thousands of places and spent his whole life in ministry. He probably knows the scriptures in a way that many of us would only hope of knowing... Yet, in his humility and wisdom, that was one of his biggest regrets.

After reading the article, I became a bit reflective and began to ponder my regrets. There are so many mistakes that I have made that I cannot even begin to list them all. How many times did I speak when I should have been quiet? How many times did I sit in silence when I should have yelled? I won't bore you with a list, but know that there are many!

I could get all wrapped up in those regrets and feel sorry myself like some people do. I know people who are so wrapped up their regrets right now that they wasted their lives even today.

The important thing about a regret is to learn from it so it doesn't happen again. I am sure right now, Billy Graham is somewhere studying or spending time with his family... He learned. Whenever I start feeling overwhelmed with my regrets I think about what all I learned, then I sing this little song so I don't get too bogged down.

Think about His Love.
Think about His goodness.
Think about His grace,
that's brought us through!

For as high as the heavens above,
so great is the measure of our Father's Love.
Great is the measure of our Father's Love!

I found this video of it on You Tube. Take a moment and listen, be reflective, and remember His love and mercy that makes up for all those regrets!

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