Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Rainy Days

A week ago I was looking forward to this day because some crazy weather man said the "S" word. The excitement started to build like it was Christmas all over again... Could it really be that we may get another snowstorm on the heels of 4-5 inches at Christmas then 10 inches 2 weeks ago? I was already designing the pattern for my next snow luge and planning out all of my in house projects just in case I was "snowed in" again!

But alas, here we are... 36 degrees, and pouring down rain. For those of you who don't live around here, that is way more typical for us... There is this invisible boundary just about an hour north of here that keeps the coldest of air away when there is any moisture near.

The weathermen around here love to talk about a chance for snow, and honestly most of the time the result is a whole lot of hype, lots of milk and bread sales, followed by a lot of let down. As i poured down rain today at school a student said, "snow may mix in Mr. Dearybury." In southern weatherman terms that means you might see one flake for one brief moment. I told him not to get too excited or expect too much... Then I thought.. poor kid, the snow disappointment just hit!

All disappointment aside, I do love days like today. I could not get home fast enough. I was not home 5 minutes and already in fleece pants and bedrooms shoes, topped off with my hoodie sweatshirt. The couch was calling my name, and the blanket near by quickly made a knot around my feet. My poor dogs have been cold since Halloween. Maybe they will thaw out in time for Spring Break. The only draw back to getting comfy so fast was that there was no one here to cook dinner... Of course I had to get back up to feed myself... I guess that's important right?

There are still many days of winter left. Maybe... just maybe, the weathermen will get it right again and we will get another dumping of Southern snow. Until then I will stay wrapped up in fleece and hoodies and enjoy the cold, rainy days!

For those of you wondering, running was not on the schedule for today. I will be back at it tomorrow. Rain or shine!

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Jen said...

...and mondays always get me down. i can't read your title without singing that song.