Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Ham Delight!

Yesterday I was at a local grocery store getting some items for lunch this week as I venture back to the working world. I picked up the pack of turkey on the left.... Do you see the color??? It looked like turkey, however it was ham.... HELLO... Ham is pink, not brown... I found a normal one right beside it and took a pic to show the difference in color. I checked the dates and ironically they were the same date. I wanted to tell someone to remove it, but of course no one was around to help. I could only imagine the sweet smell that would have wafted out of the package had I opened it.


Kim said...

yum... I once bought one of those tubs of bbq shredded pork. Sell by date was good, but when I opened it, it was completely green a fuzzy. Ick. Haven't been ablt to bring myself to buy the stuff since. Oscar Mayer just went down a step in my mind after this, too :(-

Teri said...

Not only is that gross but you wouldn't catch me paying $6.98 for Oscar Meyer Ham! Get the Kirkland Honey Ham at Costco!