Wednesday, January 5, 2011

"Picture" Bingo

The librarian at school is creating a bulletin board at school titled "Snow Babies." She asked teachers to bring in pics of us as babies. I called mama and she picked out one for me. I went over last night after dinner to pick it up. This is the one I got. What do you think?

I must confess that I did not want to go get the pic. As I said, it was after dinner, I was already in my comfy clothes, it was cold, and I was worn slap out from the first day back to school. I went though because I did not want to be the only teacher without a pic.

When I got to mama's to get the pic, 2 of my favorite "babies" were over there. I was gonna just run in and run out, but they were in the most loving mood, and instantly talked Matt and I into a game of picture bingo. Sophie insisted that she be the "caller outter." We ended up playing 4 games and everyone won a turn except for Nana. We had the best time!

I loved that what was seemingly an inconvenient task turned into such a special little time... all thanks to a baby picture and Bingo!

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