Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas Clean Up

Yesterday the mood finally hit me. It was time to clean up Christmas! I hate to do it so bad, but once the motivation comes you better get on it or else it will be Valentine's Day and you'll be the only idiot in the neighborhood with Santa on the porch! (kinda like the 4 people I saw with pumpkins on their porch while I was running today!!!)

I was proud once I finally got it all put up. The OCD in me just welled up with pride as I stood there looking at all my matching bins, neatly organized, and ready for the attic! Well.. I thought it was all there. I made 5 more trips to the attic putting up all the little things I overlooked.

After I cleaned up all the stuff, I proceeded with rearranging my guest bedroom. I seem to do it every year about this time. Since that room typically turns into an extra closet with a 9 ft. tree in the middle of it, it is in need of rearranging.

I started with this sofa bed. I really don't like it for this room, but bought it on an impulse because the display at IKEA looked just like what I wanted. In my room
however, I hated it the second I got it home. IKEA only offered a store credit so I kept it and was gonna sell it. A year later and it's still here.

What I don't like about it is the couch part, so I thought I would try to leave it out as a bed. A few lamps, a night stand, and comforter that I stole from my roommate's bed, and I was finally happy. Don't get me wrong, if you want to buy it, make me an offer. But for now, I'm content with this year's Christmas Clean Up!

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